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A new Information Hub

Why is IMBASE™ here?

As a diverse group of information industry professionals we saw a great need for a resource to help other industry professionals deal with the massive and ongoing transition from traditional information management, technologies and practices.

What is different about IMBASE™?

IMBASE will be built by information professionals for 'all' information professionals. As Info Pros, you will be front and centre!

How you can contribute to IMBASE™

  • Share your events so we can post them on our events page
  • Volunteer to help out at IMBASE sponsored events
  • Tell us about any inspirational speakers you may have heard
  • Tell us about the innovative work you are doing
  • Tip us off about new technology you are using

What will you find on our website:

  • IMBASE sponsored events
  • Industry events - local and international
  • Information & industry research sources
  • Themed research tip sheets for workshops (to be developed)
  • Our blog